GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy v3.0.380r Unlocked – The application shows the exact amount of internet consumption in Android, the unlocked
and complete version of the system at the request of dear users

One of the problems that Android phone users always face is the amount of data consumption, as many background applications are secretly consumed from the Internet or with the aim of spying on a large amount of user information through They steal the internet. GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy is a professional and powerful program for managing and viewing the amount of internet consumption of various applications in the Android operating system.Published by SecureMix LLC Programming Studio. The daily consumption chart of the Internet enables everyone to view the amount of Internet consumption in a completely graphical way, separately from each program, and to obtain completely accurate and valid information. GlassWire saves all months of information by supporting a variety of Internet connections such as Edge, 3G, 46, 5G, LTE, CDMA, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, and you will be able to view any information from previous months at any time. In addition, to save money, it is enough to limit the amount of Internet consumption to a certain amount per month, so that if you reach the desired consumption range, the use of the Internet will be cut off and the consumption warning will be displayed in the load notification section.

Some features and capabilities of GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy Android application:

  • Display daily diagrams of Internet usage by program consumption
  • Calculate the internet usage of applications as soon as they are installed
  • Access to information on Internet usage in recent months and weeks
  • Restrict Internet usage and receive alerts when it reaches a specified limit
  • Displays suspicious activities and Internet usage by malicious programs
  • Supports a variety of communication networks when using the Internet
  • Supports two Wi-Fi modes and mobile data

GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy app just over a few days after its release has managed to get more than 50,000 active downloads and scored 4.2 out of 5.0 by Play Store users, which can now be the latest version released. Download from Usroid site servers in USA.


GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy Full