Glitch Video Effect v1.7.3 – Glitch Video Editor app for Android
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 35.99

Glitch Video EffectTitle is a video file glitch editor developed by VivaCut professional video editor and published on Google Play. Many of you are familiar with the big company Viva Cut, a large company whose main activity is in the field of creating and developing video editing software. From time to time, over a period of time, Vivat Cut tries to attract the attention of many users like any other company. Users who share one or more video files with their friends on social networks or are active in the field of video content production. However, one of the recent programs of this company that was noticed by many users was Glitch Video Effect. This video clip editor allows you dear ones to create attractive clips with glitch effects and share them with your other friends. Well, of course, this startup has a variety of features and characteristics; Features that allow you to have great freedom of action when making changes when editing video clips. Anyway, the Usroid website team intends to introduce this software exclusively.

Glitch Video Effect The best program for making Glitch video clips

Well, if you are looking for such software as an Android user, then you are undoubtedly completely familiar with glitch effects! These blurry effects sometimes increase the appeal of video clips to such an extent that everyone is fascinated by you and your abilities. If you look at the Android Market, many startups are active in this field; But you should know that without a doubt one of the best and most popular of these programs is Glitch Video Effect. The range of features that Glitch Video Effect software provides to users is very wide and will eliminate their need for any peripherals. So to make glitch clips, all you have to do is install this program and call the video you want!

Special and various effects

Each software follows a specific strategy to improve and attract users’ attention to itself. One of the most important issues that has made Glitch Video Effect so popular among users is the extent of its effects. These effects not only include glitched effects, but also effects and filters such as VHS, vintage, retro, 90s and.. Before saving the final files and after applying the effects, see a preview of the changes made so that if there are any problems, you can take action to solve your problems without wasting time and as soon as possible.

Glitch Video Effect A world of video editing tools

You’ve probably seen apps that only zoom in on a specific feature! These softwares may be able to attract users at first, but eventually they will fail. Glitch Video Effect is one of the best video editing programs that offers a variety of features despite its title. This startup provides not only glitch effects but also tools such as cutting video files, merging multiple clips together, a tool for writing text on clips, the ability to add video stickers, and more. You can meet any need for other editing tools without any restrictions.

Some features and capabilities of Glitch Video Effect Android app:

  • Make glitch videos in just a few minutes
  • Access to a set of special glitch effects
  • Effects such as VHS, vintage, retro, 90s along with other major fx
  • A complete set of video editing tools such as copy, crop , merge and…
  • Add any text and sticker to your clips
  • Remove background sound and add custom music to add charm
  • Get very high quality output
  • See a preview before saving your clips

The Glitch Video Effect application has been released for free with a $ 35.99 in-network payment, benefiting from a set of special features and capabilities, and has received a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users. Now you can download the latest professional version of this special editor from the huge database of Usroid website .


Glitch Video Effect