Glitch Video Effect v1.7.3 – Glitch Video Editor App for Android
The professional and complete version of the app worth $35.99

Glitch Video Effect is the name of a video glitch editor developed by VivaCut professional video editor and released on Google Play. Many of you are familiar with the large company VivaCut, which specializes in creating and developing video editing software. Every now and then, VivaCut tries to attract the attention of many users like any other company. Users who share one or more video files with their friends on social networks on a daily basis or are active in producing video content. However, one of the recent programs that has caught the attention of many users of this company is Glitch Video Effect. This video clip editor allows you to create attractive clips with glitch effects and share them with your friends. Of course, this startup has various features that allow you to have a high degree of freedom when making changes during video clip editing. In any case, the Usroid website team intends to introduce this software exclusively.

Glitch Video Effect: The Best Program for Creating Glitch Videos

If you’re an Android user looking for such software, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with glitch effects! These ambiguous effects sometimes increase the attractiveness of video clips so much that anyone will be fascinated by your abilities. If you take a look at the Android market, you’ll find many startup apps in this area, but you should know that without a doubt, one of the best and most popular of these programs is Glitch Video Effect. The features that the Glitch Video Effect software provides to users are very extensive and will eliminate their need for any additional tools. So, to create glitch clips, all you need to do is install this program and call up your desired video!

Various Special Effects

Every software follows a special strategy for progress and attracting users towards itself. One of the most important factors that has made Glitch Video Effect popular among users is the wide range of effects available in it. These effects not only include glitch effects, but also effects and filters such as VHS, vintage, retro, 90s, and … can be mentioned among them. Before saving the final files and after applying the effects, preview the changes made so that if there is any problem, you can fix it without wasting time and as quickly as possible.

Glitch Video Effect: A World of Video Editing Tools

You have probably seen apps that only zoom in on a specific feature! These apps may initially capture users’ attention, but ultimately they will fail. One of the best video editing programs that offers a variety of features, despite its name, is Glitch Video Effect. This start-up not only provides glitch effects, but also tools such as video file cutting, merging multiple clips, adding text to clips, and the ability to add stickers to videos, and more. You can meet any of your editing needs without any limitations.

Some features and capabilities of the Glitch Video Effect app for Android:

  • Create glitch videos in just a few minutes
  • Access to a collection of special glitch effects
  • Effects such as VHS, vintage, retro, 90s alongside other main fx
  • A complete set of video editing tools such as copy, cut, merge and …
  • Add any text and stickers to your clips
  • Remove background sound and add your desired music to increase attractiveness
  • Get high-quality output
  • Preview your clips before saving them

The Glitch Video Effect app, with its special features and capabilities, has been released by its developer for free with in-app purchases of $35.99, and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from users. You can now download the latest professional version of this special editor from the huge database of the Usroid website.


Glitch Video Effect