Glovebox Launcher is a different and popular launcher for the Android operating system , with which you can change the interface of your smartphone and give a fresh and beautiful color and surface to your Android phone!

The reason for naming this post with the word “different” is that this launcher, unlike other launchers, creates a drop-down menu of your favorite applications in the left corner of your mobile screen where you can find apps and games. Run quickly without lifting a finger .

With this launcher, you can take a step in the field of optimizing the hardware buttons of your smartphone, and without hitting the Home button on your phone, you can run games and applications that you deal with a lot.

Glovebox Launcher is available for free and the latest version has been released today in the Android Market, which we have put for you dear users, and you can download it with a direct link by reading more.


Download Glovebox Launcher - a different launcher for Android