GO Battery Saver & Power Widget v5.9.0 Premium / Cracked – Great application to reduce battery consumption from GO Studio for Android
Premium and cracked version with all the features

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget is one of the best, most powerful and most practical applications for managing and reducing battery consumption for the Android operating system , which is offered completely free by the GO programming group and has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the poly. Story is one of the most popular! This software is the best battery power management software in the world by downloading more than 15 million times, and by using it, you can intelligently manage your Android phone’s battery and optimize it and increase its life. You know one of the problems with phones and tablets AndroidTheir fast battery consumption; So in the meantime, every Android user needs an application to manage the battery charge, which today we are going to introduce GO Battery Saver software.

There are many reasons for high battery consumption, some of which are unreasonable internet connection, additional applications being active, and so on; To eliminate these problems, this application has prepared profiles that are activated automatically at different times! For example, if your phone’s battery charge is more than 70%, all the features of your phone will remain active, if it reaches 50%, some features of the phone will be disabled, and if it reaches below 20%, the screen light will automatically The phone shrinks and the internet of the phone is deactivated, which will help your smartphone’s battery consumption significantly and will reduce the battery consumption amazingly!

Some features, capabilities and features of GO Battery Saver & Power Widget Android software:

* Automatically turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection when the mobile screen is turned off

* Quick and easy access to complete information on battery charge with one click

* Extensive settings to disable various tasks automatically

* Having a tab to display the battery level by all applications running

* Having an optimization section to clear the cache to improve performance with just one click

* Having a powerful Charging Maintenance pan for safe and healthy charging process

* Perform different tasks when the charge reaches different percentages or shutdown threshold

* Having a very simple and classic user environment that fascinates every user

Version Premium application GO Battery Saver & Power Widget having several different possibilities than the version typical that we have today in Farsrvyd version of the premium that you’ve put all its facilities are open and can be Also use…

Changes in version v5.9.0:

* Improve various sections and troubleshoot


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