Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush v2.6.17 + Mod – “Gold Miner” arcade and fun game for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite diamond + remove ads) separately
Tested with offline performance

Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush: The classic version is the name of an old and popular arcade game with a simple but very fun idea, which has been produced and published by the Singaporean studio SENSPARK CO., LTD. This game received a lot of attention from the very first days of its release and was able to find many fans. Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush was released nearly 15 years ago as a flash game for the PC platform and quickly gained popularity among gamers at the time. With the advent of mobile games, however, many are still looking to experience classic and nostalgic games. Before SENSPARK Gaming Studio wanted to develop a remastered, original version of Gold Miner for mobile phones, several other sub-developers remade similar games, some of which were exactly the same as the original version, for mobile phones and tablets. They released Android, but none of them had the real feeling that this game should have! But finally, after a lot of expectations, SENSPARK company ended the long wait of the audience by preparing and producing several games from this series, along with a classic and original version of it! In this article, you can download the official and complete version of Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush from Usroid site and enjoy it a lot! If you are already familiar with Gold Miner, you must know what the style of this game is. But if you are not familiar with this game, we will tell you its general features. You can also get acquainted with the style and context of the game by watching the video introducing the game. In Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush, you play the role of a miner who goes to a mine to extract precious stones and jewels, such as gold and diamonds.


Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush


At each stage of Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush, you have to collect pieces of gold, diamonds or other points with the help of the device that the game character has. The work style is simple but challenging to do. Your device has a hook that is constantly swinging left and right. You need to tap the screen with the correct timing, just when the hook is aligned with the items on the screen and then sent to them. If you are aiming correctly, you can pick up that item and pull it towards you. Heavier items, such as large gold stones, weigh more and take longer to pull up, but are also more expensive. At each stage, a price cap is set that you must collect items such as gold and diamonds to bring your property to this price to be allowed to go to the next stage. As the game progresses, the stages become more challenging and moving items are added to the game. In Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush, with the money you earn, you can also buy various accessories and auxiliary items for yourself. All in all, Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush is simple, fun, challenging, and competitive. The mobile version of Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush now offers more features, one of which is the addition of PvP and the ability to compete with other players online. Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play and has a score of 4.2 out of 5.0. The latest official version of this game, along with a modded version of it, can be downloaded from Usroid servers.