Gold Rush! 2 Full v1.0 – Adventure and wonderful game in search of Android gold with data + trailer
price $ 3.99 – The full version of the game is presented to you dear ones, always
tested with offline performance

Gold Rush 2 – In Search of Gold 2 is a new and extremely beautiful game with a unique design in the style of adventure and intellectual games from Sunlight Games GmbH for Android , which was released hours ago at a price of $ 3.99 in the big Google market, and again like We always decided for the first time in IranIntroduce it to your presence, lovers of special intellectual games, and make you happy once again! Let us tell you the whole story of the game in the language of your creator: “Jerrod Wilson has left his home in Brooklyn so that he may be able to find a trace of his brother Jake! Eleven years ago, Jake was forced to move to the Gold Coast, which in 1849 became famous for its gold prospect; These two brothers are working on goldsmithing and their work is going very well because they have found one of the main places of goldsmithing and this is a great success that many people were even present in this Lose your way! It is now 1869, that is, 20 years have passed, and in these 20 years, their mine has worked very well, and all these successes are due to the guidance of a banker and his family, and therefore most of the profit of these two brothers goes to Mr. Quail arrives; But life does not always show its good side, news came from the city that contains a very bad reality ;. William Tweed has come to great power; This person is a complete thief so that even the police obey him! but thisThe two brothers decide to present evidence against him to the judge so that he can spend his whole life in prison, and this path is not easy and it is accompanied by difficulties! Gold Rush 2 tells the story of this very dangerous adventure so that two brothers return to their city and confront this thief! ” Now you have to help them reach their goal; You and these two lovely brothers who have to search in different places to find evidence and experience one of the most beautiful Android adventure games!


Gold Rush 2 Android Games


Gold Rush 2 game has no sales in the Play Store right now, and by downloading and installing it, you will be one of the first global users to experience it on your Android ‍! If we want to explain the presence of other features of the game, we must say that the game has a 2.5-dimensional style in which you have to adventure on a 2.5-dimensional screen! Go over 80 different locations and enjoy the game’s challenging story and missions! General features of the game include great design with HD graphics, great sound, addictive gameplay, good touch controllers, engaging story, extensive environments and great build! You can first see images and trailers of the gameplay of the game, and if you wish, download the purchased and complete version of the game with data from high-speed Fars servers. Download for your phone.

Changes in version v1.0:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.



Instructions for installing and running Gold Rush 2 Android Games:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it; Com.sunlightgames folder . Copy goldrush2 to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.