Golf Battle v2.3.4 – Exciting and highly entertaining competitive game “Golf Battle” for Android
Another well-made and popular game from Miniclip with over 10 million downloads
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Golf Battle – رقابت گلفی is an exciting and entertaining sports game where you can compete with other players on golf courses in the role of golf balls. The well-known and creative company, responsible for creating amazing works such as Football Strike, Flip Master, Basketball Stars, Soccer Stars, and Eight Ball Pool, has created and developed this exciting game and released it for Android devices for free. Like all games released by this studio, Golf Battle is also an online competitive game. The game is made with an interesting idea that is not only unique but also very entertaining and attractive. In this game, you participate in a different type of golf competition. The style and structure of this game are simple yet highly entertaining, incredibly exciting, and very addictive. Perhaps we are not exaggerating if we say that Golf Battle is even better than other popular Miniclip games in many ways. The first and most important feature that has made this game attractive and competitive compared to other games of this studio is the ability to play with 6 people! In other similar games, you played against one opponent in one-on-one competitions, but in Golf Battle, you can play with 5 other players in multiplayer sections while being in one unit. All 6 players are present on one map, and there is no turn-based gameplay in this game. These features have made this game very attractive and unique and have made it a very special, incredibly attractive, and of course, innovative and new title.


Golf Battle


In the game Golf Battle, you have to compete with 5 other players in a 6-player competition on a golf course. You have to try to guide your golf ball towards the holes on different terrains. However, there are many challenges and obstacles along the way, so your targeting must be precise and calculated. The excitement of the game is summarized in two main sections titled Classic and Rush. In both sections, competitions are held in 6-player format, but there is an important difference between these two types of competitions. In Classic mode, competitions are held in 3 stages. The player who has hit the ball into the holes with the least number of hits overall will win. In this section, your main focus should be on getting the ball close to the hole and hitting it with the fewest possible hits. On the other hand, you do not have much opportunity to waste time because the game has a timer that ends the stage when it runs out of time. However, in the Rush section, you have to do the same things, but this time your main criterion should be less time! In fact, the number of hits is not important this time, and you have to get your ball into the hole faster than your opponents. This section also has 3 parts. The player who records the shortest possible time for throwing and hitting the balls into the holes will win that competition. With each win, you earn money and points, and with their help, you can buy better items, upgrade them, and personalize them. In terms of graphic designs, it should also be noted that Golf Battle is designed with 3D modeling. You can change the game view in 360 degrees by dragging your finger around the screen. You can now download this exciting and entertaining game from Usroid and experience one of the most competitive and exciting mobile games. The golf competition game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play, and its current rating is 4.4 out of 5.0.

  • The game is completely online and there is no possibility of hacking or modding it. Please refrain from asking questions about this.
  • Playing with friends is also available in Golf Battle. To do this, you must log in to the game with your Facebook account.
  • In normal mode, the game can be played with regular internet connections, but if you want to log in with your Facebook account, you have to change your IP address.