Goo Fighter v1.10 + Mod – Action and Skill Game “Goo Fighter” for Android Phones
Regular Version + Mod Version (Get Rewards Without Watching Ads) Separately
Tested by Running Offline

Goo Fighter – جنگجوی گو is another entertaining title from VOODOO studio in the action genre for Android devices, which is offered as a free game with in-app purchases in Google Play. This game has a simple and entertaining nature, but its process is very challenging and difficult. The French game development company VOODOO is famous for creating many entertaining and arcade games, and Goo Fighter is one of them. Some of the popular and entertaining games of this studio that have also been published in Usroid include titles such as Woodturning, Wacky Run, Draw Climber, Fire Balls 3D, Crazy Kick, and Good Slice, which you can also download from Usroid by clicking on the name of each game. Stay with Usroid to take a closer look at the main features of Goo Fighter and get more familiar with it.


Goo Fighter


The game Goo Fighter is an action game with a strategic and record-breaking nature. In this game, your goal is to survive against a massive flood of threats. Describing the main features of the game may seem a bit strange and difficult in normal mode, as the interesting approach taken in this game has made it difficult to describe it. In this game, you play the role of a warrior who stands at a specific point. Various creatures that are stuck together start approaching you from all sides. In fact, these creatures, which are your enemies, form a ring around you and make it narrower moment by moment. When you get caught in this ring, there is no way to escape and you will be the loser. To prevent yourself from getting caught in this ring, you need to move the game character around and shoot towards the enemies. The shooting is automatic, so you are only responsible for moving. When the shots have the right effect on the enemy, a part of the ring is cut off, and this is your only chance to escape from the current location through this part. After escaping from the first ring, it’s time for the second and subsequent rings. It is likely that there is no way to survive in Goo Fighter for more than a certain amount, but perhaps techniques and speed of action can achieve this. By earning points from completing stages, you can earn money to customize the game character and buy various things. If you enjoy simple but challenging and exciting strategic games, Goo Fighter is a good choice for you. The game developer studio has tried to show you a good part of the game process by providing a short gameplay video in the form of a trailer. So if you want to get more familiar with this title, we have prepared this video along with a link to download the regular and mod versions on Usroid for you.