New Habit: Good Habit Tracker & Bad Habit Breaker v1.5.7 – App to check and eliminate bad habits Android
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 10.99 for the first time in Iran

We all do some things several times a day. This constant repetition of activities or words creates habits that may improve our quality of life or have a bad effect on our relationships. Perhaps one of the main reasons for the emergence of bad habits is the evolving technology that makes people more lazy day by day and causes them to run away from their responsibilities. Creating a good behavior and breaking bad habits is not an easy task and requires effort and will; But having a companion can eliminate your bad habits in a shorter time. New Habit: Good Habit Tracker & Bad Habit BreakerIs the title of an application for tracking and eliminating bad habits, which was developed by the NEW HABIT APP and published on Google Play. As we mentioned in the above description, many of us have lost our lives due to bad habits or lost our vitality! By providing users with access to a set of proprietary options, this software helps you eliminate your bad habits over time and replace them with good ones. All you have to do is add a positive activity to the list as a habit and see it take place in your being by repeating it over and over again! All the habits you have created are visible in the program dashboard and you are able to focus on one or more of them according to your needs. If you are confused in choosing your habits; The development team provides you with a list of 50 good habits discovered by other users so that you can incorporate them into your life and increase its quality many times over.

Some features and capabilities of New Habit app: Good Habit Tracker & Bad Habit Breaker Android:

  • Tracking all habits and finding bad behaviors
  • Get access to the right set of tools to break your bad habits
  • Make a list of your good or bad habits and view them in the app dashboard
  • Doing a repetitive activity and turning it into a good habit
  • Focus on your activities to have a better life
  • Access statistics and results from your habits and activities
  • Great tips for better results
  • A collection of the top 50 habits discovered by users
  • Invite your friends to various challenges

Applications New Habit: Good Habit Tracker & Bad Habit Breaker to take advantage of the features and functionality of its various in building the habits and behavior of good people by your developer for free with a paying interstitial 10.99 dollars reported that Now you can download the latest premium version without any restrictions on accessing the features of the large Usroid website .


New Habit Good Habit Tracker & Bad Habit Breaker