Google Assistant Go v2.8.0.346747673 – Google Assistant Go 
The original version, complete without app ads

In recent years, very interesting and useful technologies have been presented that have been able to change human life to a great extent. These technologies include smartphones, social networks and high-speed Internet. Smartphones are devices that can do anything. Different companies produce these devices and each of them tries to gain more customers and profits by offering more features and capabilities on its products. Apple is one of the first smartphone suppliers to always be at the forefront. Each time Apple introduces a new phone, it offers unique and new features on it in order to maintain its progress in this market. The company introduced Siri Smart Assistant with iPhone 4s. The ability to talk to a smartphone and do a lot of things with just voice commands. After Apple, other companies, including Google, offered similar services. Google introduced the google assistant service in a short time. This service is installed on all Android phones by default and can be used to perform all kinds of tasks. Google has recently introduced a new version of this service for phones with unstable internet connection so that the owners of these devices can also use the capabilities of this service. Google Assistant Go is a small and fast version of Google Voice Assistant for Android, developed by Google LLC and published for free on Google Play. With this app, you can easily and simply talk about various tasks such as calling, ‌ playing music, weather information, finding different places, ‌ asking questions, ‌ creating alarms and reminders and much more. And make your phone literally smart. If your phone crashes while using Google Assistant and you can not use this service well, we recommend that you replace this program.

Some features and capabilities of Google Assistant Go Android app:

  • Make a quick call (“Call Sameer”)
  • Send SMS (“Text Sara I am running late”)
  • Play music (“Play some jazz on YouTube”)
  • Search places (“Get me directions to the nearest coffee shop”)
  • Preview of upcoming events (“Tell me about my day”)
  • Weather information (“Do I need an umbrella today?”)
  • Answer the questions (“How tall is Mount Everest?”)


The Google Assistant Go app currently only supports English and can do all sorts of things in that language. With the satisfaction of Android users, this program has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original, complete and without ads version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.


Google Assistant Go