Google Assistant Go v2.14.0.481827381  – Google Assistant Go
Original, complete and ad-free version of the app

In recent years, many interesting and useful technologies have been introduced that have significantly changed human life. These technologies include smartphones, social networks, and high-speed internet. Smartphones are devices that can do anything. Various companies produce these devices, and each one tries to gain more customers and profits by offering more features and capabilities on their products. Apple is one of the first smartphone vendors that has always been a pioneer in this market. With each new smartphone release, Apple introduces unique and fresh features to maintain its leadership in this market. With the iPhone 4s, the company introduced the smart assistant Siri, which allowed users to talk to their smartphone and perform many tasks with just voice commands. Following Apple, other companies such as Google also started offering similar services. Google introduced the Google Assistant service shortly after, which is installed by default on all Android smartphones and can perform various tasks. Recently, Google has introduced a new version of this service called Google Assistant Go, which is a lightweight and fast version of the Google voice assistant designed specifically for Android operating systems. This app allows users to easily perform various tasks such as making calls, playing music, checking the weather, finding different locations, asking questions, setting alarms and reminders, and many more, just by talking. If your phone hangs when using the original Google Assistant and you cannot use this service properly, we recommend that you replace it with this app.

Some features and capabilities of the Google Assistant Go Android app:

  • Make a quick phone call (“Call Sameer”)
  • Send a text message (“Text Sara I am running late”)
  • Play music (“Play some jazz on YouTube”)
  • Find places (“Get me directions to the nearest coffee shop”)
  • Preview upcoming events (“Tell me about my day”)
  • Get weather information (“Do I need an umbrella today?”)
  • Answer questions (“How tall is Mount Everest?”)

The Google Assistant Go app currently only supports English language and can perform various tasks in this language. This app has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play, with user satisfaction. You can now download the original, full, and ad-free version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


Google Assistant Go