Google Camera v8.2.300.368894857.16 High quality photography feature and the best possible quality for Android
The original and official version of the program is presented to you dear ones

Camera qualityOne of the main criteria for many users to buy smartphones, and in many devices, the quality of the camera plays a decisive role in its final price. With the advancement of smartphone cameras and the closeness of their quality to the quality of professional cameras, many users use these cameras for professional photography. There are even many side-by-side lenses for phone cameras that can be installed on the phone to enhance the quality of the images taken. On all phones that have a camera, an app is installed by default for photography and camera use. But usually these applications have very low features and you can’t take professional photos with them. That’s why many Android developers and developers are thinking of building alternative apps for smartphone photography, which has led to the creation of many apps.Google Camera is a high-quality photography app for the Android operating system developed by Google LLC and released for free on Google Play. Using the various modes available in this application, you can take beautiful photos.

Some features and capabilities of the Google Camera Android app :

  • HDR photography, creating images with more vivid colors and more realistic shadows
  • Has Night Sight for night photography without the need for camera flash
  • Super Res Zoom feature that prevents the image from blurring when zooming in
  • To choose the best image from all the images taken, Top Shot automatically offers you the best image, for example, a photo in which no one blinked!
  • Portrait to take the best photos of face and face. This feature can blur the background of images or make it black and white
  • Google Lens Suggestions When you get your camera on a barcode, email address, website, etc., the app automatically notifies you of what you can do with them (for example, opening an email application).
  • Has augmented reality stickers to create interesting photos

The Google Camera app is a great app with a lot of features for all those who use their phone’s camera for photography on a daily basis and want the photos they take to be of the best possible quality. With the satisfaction of Android users, Google Camera has been able to get a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Dear ones, now you can download the original and complete version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge.

Note: Google Camera can only be installed on Google Pixel devices and cannot be installed on other brands.


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