Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit v152.0 – A small version of the Google Map Android app
The original version with access to a wide range of features for the first time in Iran

Undoubtedly, you are also fully acquainted with the Google Map service and its Android application, and sometimes you hear its name from your friends several times a day. This software, with the support of maps and online capabilities, makes navigation very easy and allows you to get full details about other parts of the world anywhere; Check the traffic situation and find the shortest possible route. But one of the problems that some users face is the occupation of a lot of storage space by this program, which also causes some users to be deprived of these capabilities! In this post, we want to remove any restrictions in the field of Google Maps and introduce you to a small version of this app. Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & TransitThe title is a lighter version of the official Google Map app for Android, developed by Google LLC and released on Google Play. According to Google, this software can be considered a good tool for people whose device is weak. Just touch the screen once and get extensive information from each area. Contrary to its low volume, Google Map Go has no restrictions on maps, and with the coverage of more than 200 different countries, it is still at the forefront of small online maps. It is better not to miss this application and join us to read more.

Some features and capabilities of Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit Android application:

  • Access to a map of 200 different countries
  • Supports 70 different languages ​​to use the service
  • Transportation information over 7,000 agencies, 3.8 stations, 20,000 cities and towns
  • Accurate information about more than 100 million different locations
  • Supports a variety of locations with the ability to search quickly
  • The system for finding the best places to serve food based on pictures and ratings
  • Real-time traffic information to get to your destination faster

The Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit app , with its extensive features and capabilities, has so far received only a thousand active downloads and has not received any user ratings, which you can now download for the first time. In Iran, download from Usroid site; The upcoming version is complete and there are no ads.


Google Maps Go