GPS Area Calculation v1.4.3 – Area calculation app with Android GPS,
the purchased version is offered to you for $ 10.99

It has happened to all of us that we want to measure the area of ​​land or region, but because of its state we are unable to calculate. Once again, Android apps have come to the aid of users by using their capabilities and have also solved this problem. GPS Area Calculation is a program for calculating the area by GPS, which is used by JAL for Android.Developed and published. This software with its smart system allows users to use Google Maps and GPS to determine the exact dimensions of the desired area along with the area just by defining the boundaries of their desired area. There are two metric and material systems included in the application, which you will be able to use according to your needs. When measuring the area, all the scales and the amount of zoom used are displayed, and you can also see the geographical coordinates of your desired location on Google Maps. In addition, you will be able to download all the calculations in different formats and email it directly to your friends.

Some features and capabilities of GPS Area Calculation Android app:

  • Coordinates Lat / Lon, UTM
  • Accurate calculations using UTM projection
  • Accurate GPS position reading Supports both metric and imperial measurement units
  • Export data in ESRI Shapefile and DXF
  • Show the desired area before the measurement in Google Map
  • Access scales and page zoom
  • Calculate the distance between the coordinates of the cursor on the map
  • Send measured areas directly to email
  • Import SHP files into the map

GPS Area Calculation application with its price of $ 10.99 has been able to get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 with thousands of active downloads by Play Store users, and now you can download the latest purchased version of this software for free from Usroid .

Changes in version v1.4.3:

* Improved program capabilities
* Delete output files from SD card
* Resize program fonts
* Added Turkish translation