GPS Attitude v1.13 – Automatic Registration and Sending of Geographical Location on Android
Purchased version of the program for $0.99      

GPS or Global Positioning System is a geographical system developed by the US Army that reached the implementation phase by sending various satellites into orbit around the Earth. This system was originally designed for military purposes and only the US Army had access to it, but later the use of GPS became free for all people worldwide. As mentioned, GPS works with multiple satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites are always in motion and a few of them always cover a point on the Earth’s surface. The job of these satellites is to provide accurate geographic coordinates for all GPS devices. Now, GPS is available on all smartphones and all users can use this feature for free. The most common use of GPS on smartphones is navigation. Navigation apps receive coordinates from satellites and adapt them to their own maps to guide the user to their desired destination. However, there are users who need more information about GPS and want to receive raw and unanalyzed coordinates. Today, we have an app for such users. GPS Attitude is an app for receiving and automatically recording geographic coordinates with full details, specifically for Android operating system, developed by Bergin-IT and published on Google Play for $0.99. This app automatically records latitude, longitude, and rotation in different axes at specified time intervals in the software on a file. Data can be saved in XML, JSON, or CSV format or the app can be configured to send geographic coordinates to an IP address. Data sent from the GPS Attitude app can be displayed using TCP Logger, TCP Planview, and TCP Plotter apps. Note that being exposed to tall buildings and tunnels can interfere with GPS signal reception and prevent accurate information from being recorded.

Some features and capabilities of the GPS Attitude Android app:

  • Automatic registration of geographic coordinates within specified time intervals
  • Ability to register information on files in XML, JSON or CSV format
  • Ability to set an IP address for automatic transmission of coordinates to it
  • Simulation of data available in a file
  • Ability to zoom in and out on registered locations

GPS Attitude is an unparalleled tool for those who want to have a map of their geographic locations. You can now get the purchased version of this program, along with all its features and capabilities, completely free of charge from Usroid. This program is introduced at your request and its full version is available to you.


GPS Attitude