GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints 1.40 – GPS application and mountaineering and outdoor router Android
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GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints is an Android mountaineering and outdoor GPS router developed by Vectura Games OÜ and published on Google Play. The advent of GPS-based software has changed the lives of us humans. If you look at the statistics, the human population is growing and this increase in population is causing chaos! We humans can largely avoid these problems by relying on smart routers. On the other hand, not only GPS is used for routing in normal and open space; Rather, this technology encompasses all aspects of our lives. The development of GPS can be considered to the extent that even for having accurate information of all sports activities, it can be used to the fullest. So far, various router software has been introduced for a variety of sports; But in the field of mountaineering, the number of these apps is very small! The main reason for this lack of programs can be considered the lack of access to signals in the heart of the mountain! However, one of the most powerful and tasteful Android developers has introduced a great startup. Software that can be used not only for mountaineering, but also for other intercity activities. GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints helps us to increase our routing accuracy and store any information in this field in our smartphones. However, the features of this smart app are many and extensive, which we will discuss in full below.

GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints A dedicated GPS for climbers

Although the developer of this software in his description did not directly mention the applicability of this startup for climbers; But all you have to do is install GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints and see for yourself its amazing features! One of the most important features of this GPS for climbers is the marking of stations along the way, which helps them to easily find the best shelters for rest. In addition, in any part of your route, you can see information such as instantaneous speed, distance traveled, heart rate, altitude and.. Dedicated charts will also allow you to quickly understand the concepts in each situation and know what activities need to be done in the next step.

Several offline and practical maps

When it comes to GPS or routers, we all think of Google Maps online first. As you know, for instant access to maps, your smartphone must be connected to the Internet; But one of the features that GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints provides for its users is the lack of internet access to use the maps. Depending on your needs, you can get a map, different parts and your favorite to access them at any time and place. In addition, we should mention that these offline maps are only available to you in the downloaded version of Usroid.

Diverse online maps

If you have noticed, many router programs only provide one type of map to their users, which is typically Google Maps. But the thing that sets GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints apart from its competitors – is the presentation of different maps from different companies. In this startup, not only you have access to Google Maps, but also HERE, Mapbox and Thunderforest maps. You will also be able to add your own dedicated TMS and WMS online maps to the app if needed.

Some features and capabilities of GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints Android:

  • View routes and waypoints via gpx, kml, kmz and loc files
  • Ability to edit paths or metadata of paths
  • Compress gpx to gpz and kml to kmz files
  • Careful data analysis and unique information about your activities
  • Provide information such as speed, altitude, heart rate and…
  • Redirect and color specified paths
  • Various online maps from reputable companies
  • OpenWeatherMap Climate Layers and Covers
  • Add dedicated TMS and WMS online maps to the software
  • See your current position on the maps
  • Intelligent and accurate navigation with the help of motion sensors
  • Set notifications when approaching a specific location
  • Sync and integrate information with Trackbook
  • Option to get offline maps from around the world
  • Store information about your activities with the ability to share them
  • Set up personal profiles for various outdoor activities
  • Receive voice notifications
  • Provide accurate weather forecasts

GPX Viewer PRO – Tracks, Routes & Waypoints application with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with a price of $4.99 and has received a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 by users. You can now download the latest version of this smart app without any restrictions on access to the mentioned features from the high-speed servers of Usroid website.


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