Graphing Calculator PRO / EDU is one of the most popular, best and most powerful calculator software with the ability to draw charts for the Android operating system , which is the best calculator on the market with a score of 5 out of 5 in the Play Store! This software with its unique capabilities will undoubtedly be the best tool for students and can be a great alternative to large calculators and.. With this software you will be able to draw your own diagrams and perform various calculations. Draw different types of diagrams such as polar diagrams, implicit function diagrams, intersection diagrams and و or perform various calculations of matrices, fractions, derivatives, complex numbers and در in a simple environment and bring the best calculator experience on your Android phone bring.

The wonderful Graphing Calculator PRO / EDU app is currently on sale in Play Store for $ 4.99, which includes the following features:

* Perform simple calculations +, – , *, /, ÷

* Easy logarithm and power calculations

* Ability to draw different diagrams with support for multiple functions

* Ability to drag implicit functions up to 2ND degrees

* Ability to draw polar diagrams (R = cos2θ)

* Ability to track function and range values

* Ability to zoom and zoom charts for more detailed review

* Ability to perform simple and complex fractions

* Perform linear, quadratic equations and approximate polynomial roots

* Ability to perform all calculations of sine, cosine, tangent and…

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Version changes v3.5.89: (patched version!)

* Bug fixes and program performance improvements


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