Gratus – promoting good vibes & positivity v3.0.2 [Unlocked] – Android life expectancy enhancement app!
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Maybe you have ever thought that man will achieve anything he focuses on! Throughout the universe, good and bad frequencies are exchanged between humans; In a way, it can be said that our mind acts like a magnet and attracts everything to itself, even the inner energies have been proven by great scientists like Einstein, and their proper use can be a way to success. To know. In today’s world where most people are preoccupied, some people lose hope of life and start each day in a completely repetitive way without any effort, which is also caused by mental frequencies. Today, as the first Persian-language Android website, we are going to introduce a wonderful application to increase the positive powers of your mind. Gratus – promoting good vibes & positivity Full UnlockedTitle is a special and popular program in the field of increasing life expectancy, which was developed and published by Francisco Franco for Android . This software, which has been praised several times in major festivals, uses a simple reminder system! In a way that encourages you to write the positive points of your life and after adding them at different intervals, reminds you of the notes! This allows the good points to be institutionalized in your mind and you can experience a happy and better life. The main basis of this software has been suggested by great psychologists, which itself promises a wonderful application.


Gratus - promoting good vibes & positivity


Application Gratus – promoting good vibes & positivity due to its ability to increase the frequency of positive mental able to pay in-network $ 3.49 Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version Get it unlocked from the huge database of Usroid site.

Changes in version v3.0.2:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes + new features.