[Gravity Gestures v1.5 [Pro – Innovative Android Motion Shortcut App
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There are several ways to create specific shortcuts in the Android operating system, among which we can mention the default capabilities of devices in the field of creating icons or installing special and full-featured launchers. But sometimes users are not interested in installing the launcher and want to run their programs or settings in the shortest possible time. In such cases, an innovative program can be the best option to meet everyone’s needs. Gravity Gestures Pro Unlocked is a special application for creating shortcuts based on motion gestures developed by TinoooApp for Android.It’s been published. This software with its unique system enables anyone to create their shortcuts based on the movement of the device in the three axes x, y, z or vibration of the smart device and call anything in the shortest possible time. . Gravity Gestures has a very simple and easy user interface so that new users of Android devices can take full advantage of it. At the beginning of the Gravity Gesture, you will be given a comprehensive and general training about the axes so that you can get acquainted with them and be able to meet all your needs based on each axis. All movements are completely free and there are no restrictions when using it. If you are interested in personalizing the device and creating application shortcuts, do not miss this revolutionary program and stay with us.


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Gravity Gestures app with its unique and innovative system has managed to get a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 by paying users in the $ 9.99 network by the users of the big Google Play market, which you can now download the latest professional version without Need to receive any payment from Usroid and surprise your friends with your gestures.