Grayland v1.10 + Mod – Exciting Adventure Game in the Land of Ashes for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Free Purchase) Separately
Tested with Offline Execution

Grayland – The Land of Ash is another game from the creative and young studio 1DER Entertainment in the action and adventure genre, which has been released for Android operating system for free. This studio had previously gained a lot of fame with the famous game Tiny Archers. Grayland tells a very dramatic and at the same time educational and interesting story. In this game, which is a combination of several action, adventure, and puzzle styles, you play as a bird whose mate has been taken by humans and taken to an unknown place. On the other hand, aliens have attacked the earth and an unbelievable and large war is taking place between humans and alien creatures. Now you have to embark on a dangerous journey alone as this bird to find your loved one and pass through long paths. It seems that neither humans nor alien creatures are your friends, but can this alien invasion help you in this mission or will the conditions get worse than before? Are all humans like those who hunted and imprisoned that bird, evil? In fact, at the beginning of the game, all other creatures are considered enemies and you cannot trust anyone, but by passing more stages, you will gain interesting information about humans that may completely change your initial perspective! With the first encounter with the game, you will notice its unique style of design. Even from the name of this game, it can be understood that it has dark and mysterious messages. The overall design and graphics of the game are done in a shadowy design in a gray world. Everything is black and white except for the main character of the game, which has different colors. At the beginning of the game or anytime you want, you can choose your favorite color from the game menu. These colorings of the main character of the story represent hope and life! This is one of the interesting points of this game, which has given an interesting fantasy design to the game.




In the game Grayland, you enter various adventures. After your friend is abducted by humans, he leaves various clues behind for you to find him. You must travel to different locations and face various enemies, including humans, aliens, robots, and even other animals. Besides enemies, there are puzzles, traps, and numerous obstacles that will make your journey harder! Some of these puzzles require your intelligence and quick reflexes, while others require logical thinking! It is also worth mentioning that you can get rid of enemies with a special attack, but the main recommendation of the game is to move stealthily and quietly away from the enemy’s attention. Additionally, you must create a proper balance in bird movement and do not forget to feed it to have enough energy to continue its path. The fascinating and admirable game of Grayland has been downloaded more than 5000 times in a short period on Google Play. Usroid has provided the regular and modified version of this game as a tested download for you.