Green Project v1.4.2.02 – Adventure and Management Game “Green Project” for Android
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Green Project – پروژه سبز is the name of a very interesting game with an incredibly attractive idea in the genre of management simulation games, which has been produced by the French studio Zerone Games and is available for sale on Google Play for $5.49. Usroid has provided the latest version of this exciting and unique game for you, dear friends, which you can download with just one click from the site’s servers and experience an incredibly beautiful adventure. Green Project is the first official game of Zerone Games studio, which was first released for the PC platform and now its remade version is also available for Android mobiles and tablets. This interesting, thought-provoking and unique game puts you in the role of a space explorer who, along with a group of other astronauts, travels to other planets for research. But after this astronaut is separated from his ship to carry out his mission, his friends lose track of him and are forced to return to Earth without him. This lonely man now goes into cryogenic sleep (a method of sleeping at very low temperatures to prevent energy loss) on another planet under extremely desperate conditions, so that humans can come to him years later. The ship he has is out of order and he has no choice but to go to sleep. 300 years pass and suddenly his ship’s advanced artificial intelligence system helps him restart and return to Earth. But 300 years have passed since his last presence on Earth and everything on this planet has changed!


Green Project


In the game Green Project, you play as the main character who has returned to Earth. However, due to a powerful fungal virus, life on the planet has been destroyed and all creatures have become extinct! There are no plants on Earth, and no humans or other living beings reside on this planet. The only living being on Earth is this man who has now returned to his planet. He did not sleep for 300 years to see such a day and give up so easily. Therefore, he decides to strive for survival. For this reason, he starts farming and also provides his nutritional needs by raising animals. But his main task is to restore life to Earth, and for this, he must make the soil fertile again by planting plants and trees. In Green Project, you have to help the main character in a management and clicker game by creating various items, finding hidden resources, farming, and raising domestic animals to provide his food. Living conditions on Earth are very difficult, and if you cannot meet these needs properly, this man’s life will be in danger. More than 200 different items can be found and built in this game. Green Project has an interesting and entertaining idea that is accompanied by rich and evolved content. This game can be influential not only in terms of storyline but also in terms of gameplay. So don’t hesitate and buy the latest version of this game and experience a different and interesting game by downloading it from Usroid servers.

Mod Version Features: You are able to use all items in your backpack without the need for materials.

* No changes have been mentioned for this version of the game on Google Play.