Green Timesheet – shift work log and payroll app v1.27 [Pro] – Android work shift monitoring application,
professional version worth $ 104.99, presented to you dear ones
, introduced and introduced for the first time in Iran

There are people all around us who work several shifts to make a living, or perhaps because of the sensitivity and importance of their job, and are doing different activities most of the day and night. In such cases, calculations of work shifts are sometimes difficult and the amount of wages cannot be calculated correctly. Green Timesheet Pro – shift work log and payroll app is a very useful application in the field of calculating work shifts, wages and salaries on a monthly basis, which was developed by ProfAutomation Ltd and for the Android operating system.It’s been published. This software stores all the information and details of your work activities in a special table with very high accuracy and provides them to you at any time if needed. The amount of salary for each of your jobs is calculated and kept separately so that at the end of each month there is no need to separate them manually. When settling the account, give the form created by Green Time Sheet to your employer so that he has no excuse to reduce your salary! It is better not to miss this wonderful program and to receive it, read on with us.

Some features and capabilities of Green Timesheet app – shift work log and payroll app for Android:

  • Keep track of working hours and pay for multiple employers
  • Calculate wages and work shifts in a short time
  • Calculate the amount of extra costs for night shifts
  • Tax calculator for your business
  • View net receipts and payments at various time intervals
  • Complete and accurate reports in one page

The Green Timesheet app – shift work log and payroll app with its feature set for all types of workers and employers has been released by its developer for $ 104.99, now you can download the latest professional version with access to all Get facilities from Usroid site without the need for in-network payments.

Changes in version v1.27:

* Improved minor app problems


Green Timesheet Pro