Groundwire v5.7.7 – Special Full SIP Client for Android Devices
Purchased version of the app for $8.49 on Google Play

In recent years, the internet has expanded rapidly with high speed and now most parts of the world are connected to the internet. This has made internet communications much easier than other methods of communication such as telephone. Telephone has been present in the world for over a century and its lines can be found everywhere. Telephone was the best way of communication for decades, but now with the global expansion of the internet, telephone can be replaced with internet. Traditional telephone is expensive, has poor quality, is susceptible to noise and is not available everywhere, but internet phone is cheap, has high quality and can make unlimited calls to anywhere. The idea of internet phone has been implemented and developed for years. The method that implements internet phone on the internet is called VOIP. Like all other internet connections, there is a special protocol called SIP for this type of connection and all internet phone service providers must comply with this protocol. Today, we have a program to create internet phone for businesses. Groundwire is the title of a SIP client for using internet phone in businesses, specifically for the Android operating system, developed by Acrobits, s.r.o. and published for $8.49 on Google Play. This program has all the features that businesses need and can easily connect the office with you from anywhere. This program has many features that are regularly added to it.

Some features and capabilities of Groundwire Android app:

  • Announcements for received calls to improve battery life
  • A few lines
  • Establishment of audio conferences
  • Mailbox
  • Call transfer
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets
  • Secure calls via SRTP (SDES)
  • Support for ZRTP (via in-app purchase), the latest secure SIP request
  • Support for wifi and 3G networks
  • Status notification bar
  • Quick account setup from major VoIP providers
  • Call recorder and player, integrated with call history
  • HD sound via codecs 722 and Opus
  • Excellent sound quality, including audio codecs 711 (Ulaw and Alaw) and GSM
  • TLS support for encrypted SIP
  • Audio codec manipulation, allowing you to prioritize the codecs used and disable those you don’t want to use
  • Easy and incredibly smooth user interface
  • Easy and graphical configuration
  • Simultaneous registration of multiple SIP accounts, with multiple registered accounts for receiving calls and changing the account used for outgoing calls without leaving the keypad screen
  • Integration with Android contacts
  • Ability to generate DTMF sound during calls, for controlling various PBX or automatic system features (using sound, rfc 2833, or SIP INFO)
  • Support for speaker
  • Accurate call history maintenance
  • Adjustable RTP port range
  • Support for SIP proxy
  • Support for STUN server

Groundwire is a comprehensive SIP client with many features for business use, which has received a 3.6 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now get the purchased version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid. This app has been introduced at your request and its latest version is available to you.