Guerrilla Bob in Persian (Bab Cherigi) is an extremely beautiful and exciting game in the style of action and shooting games for the Android operating system , which is one of the best and most popular games with a score of 4.3 in the Play Story. In this game, you will be in the role of a guerrilla commando who must attack the thieves and villains and destroy them, and in this way earn money and increase your assets and property. This income can afford to buy houses, shops, stores, etc . You will be in the city and by doing so, you will gain a huge wealth for yourself and entertain yourself for hours.

By collecting money, you can unlock new weapons and items and unlock new stages to increase the excitement. A variety of weapons and facilities, including knives and. Are also provided to you in advance, with which you can destroy various enemies and bring the best comedy and action game experience to your Android phone.

Some features of Guerrilla Bob Android game:

* Ability to play multiplayer and multiplayer with friends via Wi-Fi

* Being a variety of shotguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, missiles, grenades and بودن

* Different story modes, mercenary and classic survival to play

* Play in completely real and diverse areas and places

* Deal with a variety of different enemies to fight and destroy

* Having a comprehensive scoring system for online managers

* Play amazing and beautiful music to increase excitement

The above game is currently on sale in Play Store for $ 1.99 , and if you want to experience one of the most graphic humorous action games on your Android phone , Usroid offers you a small Guerrilla Bob game that you can Download it with one click and in free images…

Normal version + modded version (unlimited money and life)

 How to use the unlimited money version: First, download and install the modulated installation file (bottom APK); Run the game and select the green save option and enjoy the game.


Download Guerrilla Bob - an interesting and exciting game of Cherokee Android




Download Guerrilla Bob Android Apk - NEW



Download Guerrilla Bob Android Apk - NEW