[GymRun Fitness Workout Logbook FULL v10.1.1 [Unlocked – Android application for precise analysis of sports movements Unlocked
version with full access to all features

GymRun Fitness Workout Logbook FULL Unlocked is a program for bodybuilding enthusiasts developed by Imperon for the Android operating system.It’s been published. One of the most important things that can be done in fitness, or bodybuilding, is to see the daily progress that doubles the motivation of people in this sport. This software can be considered a French wrench for those who are interested in this field, because it is perfect in every way and provides its users with extraordinary facilities. Easily create a list of your daily exercises and do them completely and accurately without delay. When creating a list of exercises, you will have access to different categories of target muscles, and if necessary, you can see how to do each movement correctly. All information entered is recorded on different days and after training, and at the end of each week and month, accurate information about the progress is provided to users. The diagrams used in this application eliminate any confusion in showing the athlete’s progress and show the amount of muscle growth. If you are also a fan of bodybuilding, do not miss this powerful software and stay tuned to Usroid.

Some features and capabilities of GymRun Fitness Workout Logbook FULL Android:

  • Creating a database of your sports movements (with the ability to record images while exercising)
  • Create daily training programs with complete details
  • Advanced statistics and charts and data analysis in each session
  • Get a complete overview of the activities performed at the end of the exercise
  • Enter physical information with images
  • Add frequently used gestures to your favorites list
  • Countdown and chronometer
  • Ability to back up data on cloud servers

GymRun Fitness Workout Logbook FULL application has been able to score 4.6 out of 5.0 due to the excellent facilities it provides to athletes, and now you can download the latest paid version for free from the Usroid site.