There are various web browsing software for Android that you can use to view and upload blogs and websites; To date, we have introduced various web browser applications such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, etc., which are familiar with name browsers! Today we are going to introduce one of the newest and most popular web browsers called Habit Browser , with which you can open web pages in a classic environment with incredible speed ; This software has all the features of famous web browsers and a new feature is a fast and very beautiful menu to access all parts of the browser with one click, which distinguishes it from other web browsers! With this web browser You can easily view your favorite web pages, run flash games that require JavaScript through the browser, and take full advantage of its other features.

Some features, capabilities and capabilities of Habit Browser Android:

  • Ability to open web pages and tabs indefinitely
  • Ability to copy the URL or Internet address of websites with one click
  • Ability to add custom pages to the favorites list and manage them quickly
  • Full JavaScript support to open complete sections of websites
  • Having a very beautiful, classic user interface and having all the features at hand

Habit Browser web browser software is provided for free and has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we at Usroid today provide you with the latest version with a direct link.

Note: You can not bypass filtering with this browser!

Changes in version v1.1.77:

* Various troubleshooting and optimization


Download Habit Browser - a powerful and fast Habit Browser for Android!