HabitNow – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List v2.0.2 – Android Task Management and Habit Control
Application Premium and full version of the program worth $ 9.99 for the first time in Iran

Habits are one of the things that have a direct and significant impact on our lives. Having a habit like reading can promote our intellectual development and standard of living, and having a bad habit such as smoking can endanger our health. Creating a new habit in life or quitting annoying habits is not easy and you should be able to strengthen your will in this way. Fortunately, in the last few years, technology has come to the aid of humans, which makes the conditions for solving problems much easier! For this reason, we intend to accompany you in this post by introducing a special software. HabitNow – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do ListIs the title of a task management and habit control application developed by HabitNow and published on Google Play. As the name implies, this startup is a good way to eliminate bad habits and replace them with good ones. It is enough to define a list of your tasks on a daily basis to record them as special habits in your life by doing them regularly. One of the most important features that attracts everyone is setting goals; For example, you can choose a specific goal to quit drinking, such as saving or having the right body, which reminds you of your goal and helps you to quit bad habits over time. Determining priorities and types of goals is up to you, and these options determine how long it takes to create or eliminate a habit. Daily reminders provide the opportunity to never forget your daily tasks and finish them on time. All your information and improvements are stored in the program database, which provides accurate statistics over time to your loved ones.

Some features and capabilities of HabitNow app – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List Android:

  • Create the set of habits and tasks you want each day
  • An option to set a specific goal for each of your habits
  • Set internal reminders and alerts to prevent forgetfulness of tasks
  • Store statistics to provide accurate reports at any time
  • Home screen widget to quickly add information to the app
  • Lock the app to protect your privacy
  • Back up existing data

HabitNow application – Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with in-network payment of $ 9.99 and received a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by Google Play users You can now download the latest premium version from the high-speed servers of Usroid website .


HabitNow - Daily Routine, Habits and To-Do List