HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare v1.3.7 [Pro] – Blue light filter application and screen brightness adjustment Android
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One of the problems that users of smart devices always suffer from is eye injuries; The constant activity of these devices can damage the nerves in our eyes and cause sleep disorders by disrupting the level of the hormone melatonin. Therefore, one of the best ways to eliminate such threats is to use screen light filters. HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glarr ProTitle is an application for filtering blue light and adjusting the brightness of the Android screen, which was developed by OGOONS and published on Google Play. This program helps its users to easily block the blue light of the screen and prevent eye injuries. There are several filters in various colors available to each user, the use of which depends only on your taste. Easily adjust the intensity of the filters and adjust the screen brightness to match the selected filter. In addition, there is an option to quickly activate or deactivate this software, which makes its use many times more attractive.

Some features and capabilities of HALO program – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare Android:

  • Use the filter to block the blue light of the screen
  • Adjust the intensity of the selected filter to suit your needs
  • Provide filters in several different colors
  • Adjust the screen brightness
  • Eliminate eye injuries and sleep disorders
  • Activate or deactivate the filter quickly through the option in the notification bar
  • Option to enable or disable fully automatic selective filter

Application HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare benefit from several feature a variety of backgrounds block blue light has been able to pay in-network $ 2.99 was rated 4.4 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now New Download the most professional version of it from the great Usroid website ; In our version all the features are available.

Changes in version v1.3.7:

* Fixed application bugs


HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare Pro