Hamrah Cart v5.10.1 Doing banking and paying on a mobile phone
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Websites and mobile apps have changed the face of banking forever. At one time, paying a bill required a face-to-face visit to the bank and perhaps standing in line for hours. Bank payment programs have reduced the time required for all of this to not only minutes, but also seconds, and with the advent of new technologies, we are seeing them become simpler and more attractive every day. There are different types of mobile payment applications, and due to the unparalleled popularity of Iranian users, we are witnessing an increase in their number. Today we are at your service with one of the most complete mobile payment applications. Hamrah Cart – with cardThe title of an application for complete management of banking and payment affairs for the Android operating system, which has been found, developed and published for free on Google Play by the mobile technology software group. Along with the card, you can easily inquire about the average amount of the course and the end of the course for all types of urban bills, including electricity, water, gas, landline and city tolls. In addition to paying service bills, driving fines are also possible through the mobile card application. It is also possible to use this program to get a card from 28 Shtab member banks to all banks and financial institutions. Card to card through mobile phone contacts and bank card scanning are special services along with the card.

Some features and capabilities of Hamrah Cart Android app :

  • Card to card without having a destination card number
  • Transfer of funds from Shtab member cards to Shaba number of different accounts (including Saderat Bank, Maskan Bank, etc.)
  • High security and login to the app with password, fingerprint or face recognition
  • Add a card using the phone’s camera
  • Pay the first mobile bill only by phone number
  • Charity payment
  • Simultaneous use on multiple devices and support for smartwatches
  • Pay using QR Code
  • Persian, Turkish and Kurdish language support
  • Buy recharge and internet package
  • Payment of bills and driving fines via barcode and SMS detection
  • Card to card originating from 20 banks to all Shetab member cards:
    Bank Melli, Bank Mellat, Sepah Bank, Tejarat Bank, Pasargad Bank, Ayandeh Bank, Keshavarzi Bank, Ansar Bank, Shahr Bank, Saman Bank, Sarmayeh Bank, Bank of Iran Zamin, Hekmat Iranian, Bank D, New Economy, Industry and Mining, Parsian Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Tourism Bank and Mehr Eghtesad

The Hamrah Cart app integrates  a fairly complete package of all banking and payment services and can provide good solutions for a variety of different user needs. With its advanced and unique capabilities, this program is one of the best mobile payment programs. With the satisfaction of Android users, Hamrah Cart has been able to get an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original, complete and non-promotional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Versions v5.10.1 :

* Ability to block the bank card (Ayandeh Bank)
* New user interface for managing saved bills as a slider
* Ability to manage destination cards from the money transfer section
* Troubleshoot inventory display
* Some visual improvements
* Fix problem display in large font mode


Hamrah Cart