Happy Ranch v1.18.11 + Mod – Super Android simulation and farming game +
Normal version trailer + Mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with no problems

 Happy Ranch – Happy Farm is an incredibly beautiful, fun and addictive game in the style of simulation games from NHGames game company for Android devices where you can build your own farm, harvest crops and use the products of your livestock. And with them, have other valuable things on your farm and expand it. You can design and build your own unique farm to your liking. This game is like Hay DayIt is incredibly easy and fun and attracts users. In this game, you enter a farm that has a wonderful view and is full of beautiful animals. As a key player, you need to be able to build your farm from scratch. As you progress through the game and go through the stages of the game, your level will increase and you will finally be able to build a glamorous farm for yourself. In Happy Ranch, players can plant different crops and harvest them after they have grown enough, and then exchange them. In this game, players must sow the seeds of crops and feed their animals with the products they harvest and store in the warehouse! Then you will be able to use the different products and resources you have collected in different ways. You can cook different dishes and prepare different desserts with the help of your QLTON friends. If you are looking for a full-fledged farm game, Happy Ranch will definitely catch your eye.


Happy Ranch


In addition to Happy RanchYou can exchange your products with your neighbors and friends so that you can earn more coins. You can use these coins to buy different items; You can buy crops or seeds of crops and thus develop your farm. In this game, you can use unique themes and hundreds of decorative and beautiful items to shape your farm according to your personal taste. This farm will be your personal project and you will have many customization options so that you can design the farm of your dreams. In Happy Ranch, there are no specific tasks and there are many things you can do and have fun. All stages of this game have separate tutorials that will help you to learn this game completely and get acquainted with all its functions. You will face weekly quests in this game. These quests will not always be easy and will present new challenges for you. Also worth noting, this gameIt has a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play. In the following, we invite you to get more familiar with this game, watch the introduction trailer and screenshots of the gameplay that we have placed at the end of this post. You can download this game for free from Usroid servers.

Version v1.18.11 changes:

* Fixed game problems
* Optimized for high resolutions
* Improved game stability