Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union v1.711 – Action-packed Game “Battle 1997 – Part 1” for Android
An incredible and lovable action game
Tested with online gameplay

Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union is the name of an incredibly exciting and highly competitive game and the first part of an action game series produced by the Limkernel Gamedev Gang studio in Estonia, which has been released for Android devices for free. As soon as this game was released on Google Play, Usroid acquired it and for the first time among all Iranian sites published it for free download. As you can probably tell from its name, Battle 1977 is an action game whose story takes place in 1977 AD. However, the fact that the game’s story is set several decades ago has nothing to do with its overall nature, and on the contrary, in Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union, modern and strange battles are taking place. This game does not have a very specific storyline and, as the developers have said, this title does not even have a special introduction. But in any case, what has been reported by the game’s creators expresses a general story of the game. According to the game’s story, which takes place in a specific country (probably the United States of America), in 1977, chaos and turmoil begin. The government, to protect its confidential information, moves its servers by helicopter from one area to another. But during this transfer, due to strange events and possibly attacks on these helicopters, the servers crash and land in a city called Baltic City. Now this city becomes a large battlefield, and various mercenary and insurgent groups attack this area to find these servers before others and seize their information for their own benefit!


Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union


In the game Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union, you play the role of a senior member of one of these groups who comes to this city to not fall behind! Due to the war conditions and heavy battles, this city is deserted and turns into a battlefield for different groups against each other. No one knows the exact location of these servers yet, but all the teams that have come to this city are searching for them, of course, they face other groups in this search and fight them. You also have to do the same and try to make your way to this information by walking around the city and finding useful items. Each stage of the game is an online 18-player competition. Information on these servers is scattered in various places. Whoever can collect the most important information wins after the end of each competition’s legal time. During the game, Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union, you can go to different parts of the city on foot or by car and face enemies with various weapons! The game view is from above and similar to strategic and role-playing titles. There are many elements in this game that have made it similar to survival and royal battle games. One of the commendable features of this game is its good graphics with unique designs. The destructible elements in this game are very well designed and provide you with high graphic details, exciting and action-packed battles. This game is supposed to be produced and released in several parts. In this article from Usroid, you can download the first part of Hassle 1977, Part 1: Union for the first time in Iran and follow an exciting action-adventure. You can also watch the game’s trailer to get more familiar with the overall game.

Additional Notes:

1 – It is an online game.
2 – The game can only be installed on devices with 64-bit processors.
3 – The new version will be added to the download box as soon as it is ready for download.

Installation and Execution Instructions for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.limkernel.hassle1977 folder to the Android/obb directory on the internal memory of your device.