HavaShenas 4 v4.9.5.4 – Iranian weather app 4 for Android devices
An accurate and excellent application with support for all cities in Iran
requested by you dear ones

To date, we have introduced various meteorological software including Go Weather, Yahoo Weather, BBC Weather, Weather Live, Insta Weather, One Weather, Asi CU Weather and several others, all of which were the most powerful and best. ! All the programs that we introduced in the field of weather display were in English, but today we are going to introduce one of the best and I like Persian meteorological programs called HavaShenas , which is presented using completely different methods. Makes weather reports of different cities in Iran! Meteorological softwareReceive your data from eighteen reputable scientific sources and combine them together and it will show you a very accurate result. On the other hand, information from several sources together and averaging all the information will make the results accurate. The result goes much higher! This software, which is made for Iranian users, supports all cities and provinces of our beloved country Iran, and all dates and times in the software are set to solar and in accordance with the time zone of Iran. Also, features such as displaying the solar date in the Android notification section will give you a good feeling of using an Iranian software.

Some features and facilities of Farsi meteorologist Android software:

  • Support for all provinces of Iran along with all cities under each province
  • Receive and view weather information without the need for internet
  • Display weather conditions hourly and instantly
  • Send an alert SMS a few hours before rain and snow (no internet required or app open)
  • Send a detailed weather report the next day every night at 9 o’clock via SMS
  • Weekly display of weather information with features such as showing the percentage of probability of rain and so on
  • Display the weather status along with the solar date in the Android notification section
  • Display humidity, wind speed and percentage of rainfall probability for every hour and every day of the week seven days a week
  • Ability to share information with others

HavaShenas software can be considered the most complete and best Persian meteorological program and we recommend it to all Android users who are looking for an Iranian weather software! Join us to view images of the program environment and download it for free from Usroid ; The program is available for free on Google Play.

Changes in version v4.9.5.4:

* In this version, a new section of meteorological services has been added and the reported problems have been fixed