Havoc Drive v1.4.0 – An interesting and unique action game “Destroyer Car” for Android
A modern and different game with features of strategic games and tower defense
Tested by online execution

Havoc Drive – The Destructive Car is a beautiful and entertaining action game developed by Makook Games studio in Egypt and developed for Android devices. As soon as this game was released on Google Play, Usroid reviewed it before all similar websites and published it as the first Iranian website on the web. This game has been made with the atmosphere of modern action games, but what sets it apart and makes it attractive is the proper and different use of styles like Tower Defense. Makook Games even thought of making this game more exciting by adding a unique feature to make the gameplay more thrilling. This unique feature is the ability to play with two players. It is not yet clear whether the second player is exactly a real player from another country or just an ordinary artificial intelligence player; in any case, this approach forces you to try harder in this game and challenge yourself in two different sections.


Havoc Drive


The gameplay of Havoc Drive is designed in a way that the main goal of players is to reach the endpoint on the map in the shortest possible time. But how is this done? In this game, you are in the role of a professional driver of a military car equipped with all kinds of weapons and missiles. At the beginning of each level, your car starts moving from a specific point. Along the way, special threats and challenges will block your path. This time, you are not a defender who prevents the enemy’s movement by building and placing defensive forces and towers, but you are exactly on the opposite side! Your task is to target and shoot down defensive towers. Don’t forget that as soon as you get close to these towers, you will become a target, and your car will not complete its movement until you completely destroy them. Your second challenge is to compete with another player. You are both on the same map but in different locations, and both must go from a specific point to the endpoint under the same conditions, defending yourself by destroying defensive towers along the way. With its interesting and fantasy graphics, along with exciting gameplay and unique idea, Havoc Drive can definitely bring mobile gamers, especially those interested in the TD style, to life. If you want to learn more about the style, context, and graphics of Havoc Drive, just watch the trailer video and screenshots that we have prepared for you, and then, if you wish, download the latest version of this game for free from the Usroid download box.

  1. The game requires an internet connection and currently the game servers are available to all Iranian players.
  2. Due to the online nature of the game, the possibility of hacking or modding is low. However, if a hacked (modded) version is released, this page will be updated.
  3. The required game data is obtained through the game itself and the creator has not provided any data for the game.