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Hay Day is one of the most popular strategic farming and farming games from the famous Supercell company for the Android operating system , which brings a very exciting rural life experience and daily trading of products on your Android smartphone or tablet. brings! In this game , as a farmer, you are given the opportunity to grow a variety of agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits and berries so that you can tidy up your farm and grow your own farm to grow more products and earn more. Equip yourself with the many tools you have. You can easily create all kinds of sugar and dairy factories, bakeries, etc. to make money and sell more .Put your products in different stores or advertise in the newspaper! You can create a variety of places to expand the farm, for example, to earn money by selling eggs, put chickens in their place and earn money by breeding other animals such as dogs, horses, pigs, sheep, cows, etc. And until you reach your ultimate goal of becoming an exemplary farmer, you have not stopped playing!

Some features of Hay Day farm farm game:

  • Produce a variety of delicious foods using natural ingredients available on your farm
  • Healthy buying and selling by producing a variety of foods from fresh farms and putting them up for sale at roadside shops
  • Ability to play online and earn money with your friends on social networks Google Plus and Facebook
  • Build a variety of factories to earn money and expand the farm, such as a sugar factory or weaving
  • Availability of a variety of tools to improve and work on the farm
  • Ability to plant a variety of vegetables and wheat to earn a harvest
  • Ability to create a variety of trees to collect fruit and do other things such as painting the building and so on
  • Having great stunning graphics compared to its very small size with exciting sound

Beautiful and amazing game Hay Day is currently available in the Android Market with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 , which is one of the best Android games, and we recommend it to all users who love strategy games and are patient with Usroid ! Click here to see photos of the game environment and download it with one click…

Note: Game Hay Day online and required to run and play off the internet forever. On the other hand, it also works with Wi-Fi and Internet SIM cards.


Hay Day