HD Video to GIF Converter v2 – Convert HD videos to quality gifs in Android
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Image formats are usually much more popular than other types of content and are widely shared on the Internet. Especially after the advent of social networks and messengers, the use of images and sharing them with each other has increased a lot. One of the most widely used image formats is the GIF format, which is dedicated to small moving images. Gifs are commonly used in messengers and social networks to express emotions. The gif format has been around in the computer world since 1987, but has recently become very popular and has largely replaced emojis and stickers and become one of the most widely used elements in messaging. Gifs are usually made from film cuts and feature famous artistic, political, fantasy and animated characters. Sometimes we have a movie and we want to convert all or part of it to gif format and use it on social networks. In the past, computer software was definitely needed to do this, but now, using the program that we are introducing in Usroid today, you can easily do this on your phone.HD Video to GIF Converter is an application for converting video clips to animated gif files, for the Android operating system, developed by Clogica and published for free on Google Play. This program supports a variety of codecs and can convert your MP4 or 3GP files to professional gifs. The program is very easy to use, just select the file you want to convert and enter the program. Then start converting the clip to gif by setting the frame size, frame rate per second and quality. Note that the higher the frame size, frame rate and gif quality, the higher the volume and you need to be careful in choosing these items.

Some features and capabilities of HD Video to GIF Converter Android application :

  • Ability to convert a variety of video formats to gifs
  • Supports a variety of video codecs such as MP4 and 3GP
  • Ability to set the desired time range for video cutting and gif conversion
  • Ability to resize video frames
  • Ability to set the frame rate
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Built using the large FFMPEG media library

Application HD Video to GIF Converter very useful tool for all professional and social networks and instant messaging, which, with the consent of Android users have 3.2 5.0 and Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Version v2 changes : 

* Fixed bugs and application problems


HD Video to GIF Converter