HDR Max – Photo Editor v2.8.1 An Android App to Enhance the Quality of Captured Photos
The Original and Official Version of the App with Millions of Downloads from Google Play

If you’ve been curious about the settings of your smartphone camera, you’ve probably seen the HDR option. This option enables a relatively new technology on the camera that significantly improves the quality of the taken photos. In the HDR process, the camera takes three consecutive photos with different brightness levels of the scene. Then, the camera software merges these photos together and converts them into one photo while preserving the darkest and brightest areas of the image. As a result, the taken photos will be of higher quality, with brighter colors and more realistic shadows. Most modern smartphones have added this feature to their cameras, but if your phone doesn’t have this capability, or you’re not satisfied with the quality of your photos without activating this option, the application we introduce today is what you’ve been looking for. HDR Max – Photo Editor is an Android application for editing images and improving their quality, developed by Wombatica Software and published for free on Google Play. This application provides all the necessary tools to make photos clearer and of higher quality. The unique filter technology of this application allows you to add HDR effects to any image. All of these effects have a live preview, and as soon as you use them, you will see their impact on the photo. 90 color filters are applied to your photo with just one touch, and if you’re not satisfied with the change, you can easily undo it. You can also easily change the light, clarity, exposure, color temperature, and more. With the Sharpen feature, the blurry and dull mode of your image will disappear. With crop, you can cut your images and bring them to any desired size. With the fisheye effect, you can create interesting photos, improve the quality of your photos, and share them on social networks.

Some features and capabilities of HDR Max – Photo Editor for Android:

  • Adjustable split-screen view
  • Possibility to undo changes during photo editing and revert back to the previous state
  • Adjustable contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, and color temperature
  • Possibility to change color balance
  • Sharpening capability for photo pixels (Sharpen)
  • Straightening capability
  • Possibility to correct and crop photos
  • Mirror rotation capability for images
  • Possibility to change photo orientation
  • Possibility to apply Fisheye lens effect
  • Preservation of original photo metadata
  • Very beautiful user interface

HDR Max – Photo Editor is a very useful application for anyone who values the beauty and quality of their images and wants to share images on social networks that everyone will admire. With this application, comparable images can be created to those taken by professional cameras. The HDR Max – Photo Editor program is very popular and widely used, having been downloaded over 10,000,000 times on Google Play and receiving a very high rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Android users. You can now download the original version of this application for free from Usroid.

Attention: The program is only installed on devices with Arm64-v8a processor.


HDR Max - Photo Editor