Headland v1.2.5 + Mod – Fun and exciting adventure game Headland Android
Normal version + Mod version (full version of the game is open) individually
tested with offline execution

Headland – هدلندIt is the name of a game in the adventure genre published by Northplay game development studio for gamers owning Android devices. Northplay Game Studio has already released good games for gamers in the Android Market and has won many awards in international forums and is a Carbald game studio. Headland is another good game of this game development studio and a new take on the adventure genre. The gameplay of this game is very simple and its mechanisms are similar to the mechanisms of most adventure genre games that, like this game, are stage-based and hero-centric. But what makes this game different and unique is its storyline and how the main character progresses in the gameplay. You are in the role of “Light”, the main character of the game. “Noor” is a playful boy and has many toys. But one night when he wakes up, he realizes that one of his robot toys needs his help. Then a portal opens and the “light” enters the imaginary land of the object by entering the portalGames are played to help his robot toy and see what the story is about. After the “light” reaches his robot, he realizes that a series of strange creatures have surrounded him. Then, with the help of his robot, he finds a wooden sword and destroys all those creatures. They decide to explore and fantasize for a while before returning to the real world and make new friends. But suddenly an evil worm appears and the “fantasy nucleus” splits the “light” robot into several pieces and steals them. Now “Noor” has no choice but to stay in the imaginary land to get the “imaginary core” back from the evil worm. But this will not be easy, so you have to help the “light” to get back the “fantasy core” of his robot and make everything like the first day again.




At each stage of the game Headland, You need to find the exit portal to be able to enter the next step. To do this, you must increase your power to overcome enemies and obstacles. Each stage has specific resources that must be collected. These resources are in the form of various items such as sticks, keys, coins, fantasy elements, and و and you should be able to find them. These resources help you upgrade your weapons, unlock new equipment, find new abilities, and much more. For this purpose, you must interact with other characters in the game. Each character acts as a guide and guides you forward in your adventure. Your interaction with these characters is in the form of text conversations that actually define your different goals at each stage. All in all, Headland is an ideal game and everything is over. In terms of content, the stages are very diverse, and obstacles and enemies pose a good challenge for you. The difficulty of the game is exponential and in the higher stages, the hardcore challenges of the arithmetic game test your skills. The upgrades are very advanced and make the game balance well from the beginning to the end. Visually, the game’s graphic space is very beautiful and stunning. The game world and characters are original and Voxley style has been used in the artistic design of the game. The animations, effects and lighting used in the game have been done very professionally and have given unique effects to this game. The voice acting section also performed well and the various sound effects that can be heard in the game have created unique charms for this game. In terms of performance, the controls are very responsive and the gameplay is without any technical problems, and we will see a smooth and flawless experience on most mobile devices. Headland game campaign has been able for more than 5 hoursScore 4.1 out of 5.0 in the Android Market and the Usroid teamintends to provide it to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. You can download this game from our servers right now and enjoy running it.