[Health Pal Fitness – Weight loss coach & Pedometer v4.2.54 [Premium – Android fitness maintenance and reminder app!
The premium and full version of the program worth $ 2.49 is presented to you dear ones

Maintaining fitness is one of the main desires of different people; Because having a fit body, in addition to increasing self-confidence, prevents various cardiovascular diseases. So far, various programs in this field have come to the aid of smart device users who try to keep their weight in the desired state by motivating them. Health Pal Fitness – Weight loss coach & Pedometer PremiumIs the title of a fitness and reminder app for Android, developed by Digit Grove and published on Google Play. This software consists of several different parts, each of which has a specific task; In a way, it can be said that any type of tool related to fitness will be easily found in this program. In the main dashboard, various information is provided to users, the most important of which is the number of daily steps. Keep track of your exercise, burn calories and water intake to make sure you have a healthy body. The existing reminder system helps you never forget to exercise or drink water and keep fat burning at a balanced level.

Some features and capabilities of Health Pal Fitness – Weight loss coach & Pedometer Android app:

  • Automatically record your steps each day along with calculating the distance and calories your body consumes
  • Statistics of your walks in the form of detailed charts
  • Reminders of water consumption to keep the body hydrated
  • Diet reminder system to prevent excess body fat
  • Weight tracker to monitor any decrease or increase
  • Exercise programs at home without the need for special tools
  • Track your progress in your workouts
  • Pursue your goals on a daily basis
  • Extraordinary food search system and access to their food facts

Application Health Pal Fitness – Weight loss coach & Pedometer with the benefit of several specific tools for Sport in a unit by their developer to pay the network $ 2.49 on Google Play has been released, can now use the newest version of the Premium it Download Usroid website ; In our version all features are available for free.


Health Pal Fitness - Weight loss coach & Pedometer Premium