Heat 2082 – Heat 2082 is a new and beautiful game in the style of action games from Christian Prepula gaming studio for Android devices, which has been published on Google Play for $ 2.49 , and today, for the first time in Iran, we intend to introduce its latest update. We have the presence of action style fans in your presence. In this game, like war games and airplanes, you have the task of destroying the enemy with your jet. With the directions provided to you, you can control your plane to both protect yourself from enemy arrows and to be able to hit enemies well. The display of this game is from top to bottom, which impresses you with its 3D graphics and classic gameplay. If you are a fan of action games Are you interested in this game, by downloading and running it, tell us what score is suitable for this game?


Heat 2082


Play Heat 2082 has just been released and is selling is not much that you can download it from the first people in the world that the game experience. The stages of this game in the initial versions are very few, which will increase in number as the game is updated. You can first view the game images and then, if you wish, download the full and purchased version for free from Usroid high-speed servers . Finally, it is better to say that this game has been tested offline and has been run without any problems.

Version v0.1.9 changes:

* Fixed game problems and bugs.