Introducing and offering the famous Peach Niber game for the first time in Iran 🙂

Hello Neighbor – Hello Neighbor is one of the most special, beautiful and popular adventure-horror games with a wonderful build of tinyBuild for Android. We saw the release of the first version on Google Play a few minutes ago, and as always, we decided to release it for the first time. in Iran Introduce it to you and delight the fans of special games with its release! Running away from a mysterious thick mustache neighbor and exploring his house to find the mystery is an interesting idea for a standalone 3D game that also has great art design and has the potential to be lasting and constructive. Make it famous, Hello Neighbor has come to make Tiny Build famous anyway! The story of the game begins when you are playing the ball in the role of a boy, and suddenly the sound of screaming and shouting from a neighbor’s house catches your eye, you walk around with curiosity and see a man with a thick mustache in the neighborhood. Locks on someone and hides the key in the attic on a red table! You pick up the key and go to the rooms of the neighbor’s house and go on an adventure! If you are looking for a special game to fill your free time, do not miss Hello Neighbor!


Hello Neighbor


Hello Neighbor game has been released on Google Play for a few minutes and has not been downloaded yet, and by downloading it from Usroid, you will be one of the first global users to experience it! You can first view images and video of Hello Neighbor gameplay, and finally, if you wish, download the first version with full data from the site’s high-speed servers.

Attention :

1 – The game mode version is basically the full version [Do not ask the mode that does not have unlimited money]
2 – The prerequisite for the game is Android 7 and arm64 processor.
2 – The game is in the initial version and is not compatible with most devices – If your internet volume is important, do not download

Changes in version v1.0:

* Release of the first version of the game on Google Play – released for the first time in Iran.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor folder to the Android / obb path of the internal storage.

– Run the game.