Help ONI v0.2.0 – Attractive and well-made arcade game “Help Oni” for Android + trailer of
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Help ONI – Help ONI is a fun arcade title and a classic platformer style game that is available for sale for $ 1 on Google Play. Usroid intends to become the first Iranian website by preparing the purchased version of this gameIntroduce this game to Iranians around the world. The game is a solo project created and developed by Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian independent developer. Help ONI is a very simple but extremely beautiful, well-made and informative game. This game has an interesting idea and there is a lovely story behind it. The story of this game is related to two different characters named O and Ni. The character O is a flower and Ni is a leaf. These two characters together form a complete plant and are called ONI. These two funny and lovable characters are present in a scary world that has been destroyed by chemicals and toxins and they want to save the earth from this poisonous and scary world. These spread toxins have turned animals into mutants and are now scary and bloodthirsty creatures. The protagonists want to stop this process of destruction of nature.


Help ONI


In the game Help ONIYou can control both characters at the same time. Character O is responsible for collecting water droplets and grains in his water tank, and character Ni must protect these droplets with the help of his leaf. With the help of this leaf, he can shoot at the enemies and destroy them. The style of play is one of the classic platformer games and moving forward and jumping over obstacles is the main part of Help ONI. You can also do long jumps by jumping twice. In the game to help him, you have to help these plants in 20 different and challenging stages to reach their important goal. There are many enemies in your way, such as mutant and scary mice, that you must either jump over or destroy. Do not forget that you have to collect the dew drops and pour them in the desired places at the end of each step on the seeds planted in the ground. Help ONI is admirable in terms of graphics and design and in turn very attractive. This game has attractive cartoon designs and interesting animation due to its suitable size. This game is a lovely and unique adventure that anyone can do for a long time. The relatively difficult challenges of the game, the smooth gameplay and the eye-catching and at the same time simple designs of this arcade game can be a suitable option for any taste. The latest version of this game has been purchased and tested fromUsroid is ready for download.

Changes in version v0.2.0:

* Release the final version of the game.