Hermit • Lite Apps Browser v21.2.2 – Application for making light versions of social networking applications and news sites on Android
Premium and professional version with availability of all features

You must have heard the name of the light version of some programs, usually the companies that produce Android applications, in addition to publishing the original version of the program, also publish a light version of them; The light version of the program has less features and volume than the original version! On the other hand, the light version has higher security and speed, and because it does not run in the background of devices, it also uses less resources! Hermit • Lite Apps Browser with its built-in browser system provides you with the light version of many social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and you can place the light version icon on the screen at any time Get access to them! Light versions, like other versions, are recognized on your devices and their notifications can be received in the status bar. Everything is done simply and when running programs, this application quickly connects to the server of the desired program with its internal browser and provides you with its capabilities. Lite versions have the ability to customize and you can easily customize many changes such as font size, page themes, application icons, display ads in a special way.


Hermit • Lite Apps Browser


When using the light versions, no information about you is stored in the browser of this program and you can enjoy social networks safely and without unauthorized access. Hermit • Lite Apps Browser gives you a high speed search for web pages and light applications, and you can easily prevent any image or JavaScript code from running with its great features. ! It should be noted that this application only has the ability to create a light version of the most used social networks of news sites, Hermit • Lite Apps Browser application in the Android Play Store for free with in-network payment for $ 5.49 Has been published and was able to get a score of 4.5 out of 5.0, which, as always, Usroid site has decided to publish an unlocked and premium version for you, dear users, whose all capabilities are available.