Hermit • Lite Apps Browser v25.2.2 – Android app for creating lite versions of social network and news websites
Premium version of the app with all features available

You have probably heard of the Lite version of some apps by now. Android app developers often release a Lite version alongside the original version of their app; the Lite version has fewer features and a smaller size compared to the original version. On the other hand, the Lite version is more secure and faster, and since it doesn’t run in the background of your device, it also uses fewer resources. The Hermit • Lite Apps Browser app offers a Lite version of many social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and more with its built-in browser. You can access them at any time by placing the Lite version icon on your screen. Lite versions, like other versions, are recognized on your device and you can receive their notifications in the status bar. Everything is done easily and when you run the apps, this app quickly connects to the server of the desired app with its built-in browser and provides you with its features. Lite versions are customizable, and you can easily customize many changes such as font size, page themes, app icons, hiding ads, and more in a special way.


Hermit • Lite Apps Browser


When using the Lite versions, none of your information is saved in the browser of this application, and you can enjoy social networks without unauthorized access. The built-in browser, Hermit • Lite Apps Browser, provides high-speed searching on web pages and Lite versions of applications, and with its amazing features, you can easily prevent the execution of any images or JavaScript codes! It should be noted that this application only has the ability to create Lite versions of popular social networks and news websites. Hermit • Lite Apps Browser is available for free on the Play Store, along with in-app purchases for $5.49, and has achieved a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. As always, Usroid has decided to release the unlocked and premium versions for our esteemed users, which include all its features.