Hero Tale – Idle RPG v0.4.1f8 + Mod – Entertaining and Exciting Role-Playing Game “Hero Story” for Android
Regular Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested by Running Offline

Hero Tale – Idle RPG – داستان قهرمان is an entertaining and beautiful game in the role-playing genre with elements of clicker or idle games, developed for free and available to Android players on Google Play. This game was designed by the creative studio Weird Johnny Studio from Poland. This time, as the first Iranian Android website, Usroid has provided another exciting and thrilling game for you dear ones. It is worth mentioning that we have prepared this game in both regular and modified versions to cover different tastes. Join Usroid in introducing this beautiful game. As the name suggests, Hero Tale – Idle RPG is a combination of two main genres, RPG or role-playing and Idle or clicker. In this game, you experience an entertaining and interesting gameplay that may not seem rich at first glance because the overall structure of the game and the approach of the creators may seem like it was designed for children. However, the truth is that this game is not only a simple and outdated game, but also a tactical and challenging game in its own right. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself with the game’s features before making a quick judgment and give it a chance to prove itself to you.


Hero Tale - Idle RPG


In Hero Tale – Idle RPG, you play as a boy who dreams of becoming a legendary hero. He has a wooden sword and in his imagination, he is a master of all fighting skills. But soon, this dream turns into reality and the boy embarks on a dangerous adventure, seizing the opportunity to become the great and legendary hero he always wished to be. The story takes place on an island during the medieval times. You will unintentionally and strangely go from a simple adventure to a great mission and follow the path of becoming a hero. The style and context of the game Hero Tale – Idle RPG is a turn-based role-playing game, where the focus will be on making the right choices and proper management. Contrary to their simple appearance, the game designs are among the top strengths of this game. The cartoon modeling and attractive scenes and effects in this design will entertain everyone. You can upgrade the game character in various sections and use various weapons and equipment to advance in the game. The game developer can introduce you well to the gameplay style and graphic designs of the game by providing a trailer video. We have also prepared this video for you to become more familiar with the overall game by watching it and other screenshots. You can now download the latest version of the game for free from the direct links on Usroid.

Note: In the mod version of the game , spend money to see it increase instead of decrease!