Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Game – Hero Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Epic is a title in the strategy genre game by Zala Games game studio for $ 0.99 Released for Android devices. Zala Games game development studio has already offered other good games for gamers and has a successful game development record. Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Game is another good game of this game studio, which brings a unique experience by providing an attractive and fun gameplay. It is unlikely that you are a fan of mobile games and are not familiar with the style of the defense tower. This style is actually one of the most popular styles in the strategic genre. Games of this genre usually appear once or twice a month in the Android Market, and you can always see these games in the section of new games and some popular games. Clash Royale is perhaps the most popular of these genres of games and is best known among gamers. After its success on almost all platforms, this Android gameIt became a model for other games of this genre, and many game studios turned to Clash Royale. Although the elements of Clash Royale are very common in Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Game, it must be said that this game is a unique game and has its own different and unique style. In the midst of all this repetitive and adaptive games, this game has taken its own course, for which we must tell the creative team. Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Game has a fundamental difference in the structure of its gameplay and that is that there is no specific tower defense to defend in this game. During the game you can only access different classes of heroes and try to protect your queen with their help.


Heroes Defender Fantasy


 Elements that we have seen over and over again in the style of defense tower in Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense Game Less attention has been paid to the new elements of role-playing. You must try to prevent the infiltration of the enemies by destroying the huge waves and release more heroes by receiving rewards and rewards in each stage. Each hero has his own abilities and abilities that can be upgraded. The team of heroes you release plays a very important role in your progress in the game. In the initial stages, the waves of the enemies are less and the enemies themselves are not so strong, but as you ascend to higher levels, the waves of the enemies increase and the enemies themselves become stronger. Therefore, in order to succeed in the stages of the game, you must use a good and strong strategy to place your heroes in the path of the enemies in such a way that they destroy them quickly and prevent their influence. The variety of enemies is good and each type has its own patterns and behavior to attack. The strategic elements of the game are well integrated with the role-playing elements and have deepened the content of the game so that it is not at all comparable to similar games. In all stages, the process of the game is calm at first, but gradually it becomes more exciting and attractive and creates a good feeling. Just when you want to take a deep breath, you are faced with a powerful bass and your skills are once again challenged. Although with all the information you get you get a general idea of ​​the game, but you can never recognize the real face of the game and figure out exactly what you need to do to win, which is a sign of great design. The game has a campaign system. The controls are very simple and most of the game functions can be done just by tapping and sliding on the screen of your device, which you will be fully acquainted with in the basic training section of the game. Visually, the graphic space of the game is very beautiful and eye-catching, and the artistic design of the characters and different environments of the game world, and the effects and animations are what you can expect from a good and quality game. The game’s sound and soundtrack are fantastic in a word and multiply the game’s charm. Heroes Defender Fantasy – Epic Tower Defense GameGet a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 in the Android Market and the Usroid teamintends to provide the final and purchased version to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. You can download this game from our servers now and enjoy running it!

Version v1.1 changes:

* Infinity mode optimization
* Added new heroes