Heroes Strike v524 – “Heroes Attack” Action and Battle Royale Game for Android
An incredibly beautiful and exciting competitive action title
Tested by online play

Heroes Strike – حمله قهرمانان is the name of an online action and competition game that is inspired by battle royale games. The game is developed and produced by WolfFun and is available for free with in-app purchases. WolfFun has previously gained recognition in this genre with another interesting and entertaining game called Tank Raid Online. Now, with the creation and release of another game in the same genre, WolfFun intends to be more prominent in the battle royale game market. Usroid is proud to announce that Heroes Strike is being exclusively released in Iran by Usroid. The game is available on Google Play under the name Heroes Strike – Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes and it includes several different battle royale modes. The game developer has used the MOBA genre to introduce and describe Heroes Strike – Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes. The game has three main modes and several sub-modes, with more modes expected to be added in the future. The three main modes of Heroes Strike include 3v3 competitions, 12-person battle royale competitions, and 8-person competitions known as Game of Kings.


Heroes Strike - Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes


It should be noted that Heroes Strike – Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes is actually a combination of action, strategy, and battle royale games. In this game, which revolves around its characters and heroes, you can use a variety of heroes, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Various skills, special powers, and additional items have been designed in this game so that each character can lead you to victory in multiple ways. What makes this game attractive is its simple style and context, which according to WolfFun, even makes it very easy and entertaining for beginners. Throughout the game, you can earn points by participating in various competitions and try to increase your individual ranking. Whether in team games or individual games, winning each competition will earn you some rewards and resources that you can later use to purchase various items from the game store. Additionally, an interesting system has been designed for upgrading and personalizing heroes, where you can upgrade game heroes. It is worth mentioning that Heroes Strike has a very simple yet optimized graphics that does not require very powerful devices to run. These simple graphics and designs do not contradict the entertaining and rich gameplay of Heroes Strike. Therefore, if you are looking for a competitive and very exciting multiplayer online game, do not miss the Heroes Strike game and download the latest version of this game, which has had more than 1 million downloads to date, from Usroid now.

Note: In the gold and diamond mod version, you have infinite resources – use diamonds to buy gold.