Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story v2022.1.24.1 + Mod – An adventurous and interactive game “Love Story Tim” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited coins) separately
Tested for offline play

Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story – داستان عشق تیم, also known as Hey Love: Nora’s Mystery, is a simple yet very entertaining and captivating game from the French studio nutnut in the style of adventure and interaction simulation titles that is available as a free game for Android players worldwide. At the same time as the release of the new version of this game and for the first time among all Iranian websites, Usroid has introduced, reviewed, and published this game on the web along with the latest version and an exclusive mod version for you, dear ones. This game is one of the Hey Love series games from nutnut studio, and several different titles have been released, but Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story has a relatively exciting and suspenseful atmosphere due to its mysterious and criminal story. This game has been designed and developed by taking inspiration from successful games in the same genre, especially Duskwood, and has been made and released with similar features. If you have previously experienced Duskwood or other similar games in the chat simulation field, you will notice these similarities. With all these descriptions, it should be said that nutnut has used completely unique elements to make its games, which has resulted in well-made and exclusive games. Stay with Usroid in introducing this beautiful, exciting, and adventurous game.


Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story


Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story is a tale of a group of classmates in high school. These classmates are close friends to each other and each has a unique personality. Among these personalities, multiple stories arise and teenage high school romances are seen. But this is not the main story! Strange events in this story begin when one of the students in this school named Nora has disappeared for a few days and there is no news of her. You are in the role of another student in this school and one of Nora’s classmates. The character that you control has been interested in one of her old classmates named Tim for a long time and Tim has been in contact with the character Nora for a while. In fact, you are present in a love triangle and unintentionally step into a criminal story whose events are related to the person you love. It is you who can change the course of the story with your decisions! The entire game process follows the form of a chat simulator and online conversations through a mobile messenger. After seeing the conversations of the recipients, you can choose one of the options and send your opinion in the form of that option to the recipients. Remember that these choices and decisions will not only affect the course of the game events related to the main character but also the course of events related to all your classmates. To have a proper and complete experience of Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story, it is necessary to be somewhat familiar with the English language because this game is entirely text-based. If you enjoy these types of games with romantic, mysterious, and criminal stories, Hey Love Tim: High School Chat Story can be an amazing choice for you. So don’t hesitate and download the latest official version of this game from Usroid now.

Note: In the mod version, your coins will not decrease. By using coins, you can unlock more chapters of the game without waiting and earn more coins.