Hibernate FULL (Real Battery Saver) v6.0 Unlocked – Android battery consumption optimization application Unlocked
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Hibernate FULL (Real Battery Saver) Unlocked is a great program for optimizing battery consumption for users of non-rooted and rooted Android devices.Which can significantly reduce battery consumption and increase its life. Many applications have been released by different developers so far, each with its own style and low battery consumption, but Hibernate with its unique system and technology has appeared in a very special way and the result is much better than Provides other software to its users. At the beginning of the installation, one of the best ways to store the battery is hibernation, so that with an accurate and complete scan; Well-known programs known to be temporarily disabled when not in use. When using various programs, the smartphone CPU is activated and tries its best to run programs smoothly, which also causes the device to warm up; On the other hand, this warming problem may be due to the incorrect distribution of frequencies among the CPU cores. Hibernate, by supporting its excellent technology, reduces the transmission frequencies as much as possible and the amount sent through the cores. CPUs play evenly so that in addition to running programs smoothly, no problems for other parts of the phoneThere is no Android . In addition, you can use the Hibernate system for Bluetooth, network data and Wi-Fi! Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and network data will also be disabled if the screen is turned off, and will be reactivated as soon as the screen is turned on.


Hibernate FULL


Hibernate FULL application due to its unique technology has more than 50 thousand active downloads and has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Play Store users, which you can now access the latest unlocked version by Get all the features from Usroid site, our version is the full and full version of the program, all its features are available.