Hidden Cats: Detective Agency v0.5 + Mod – Puzzle game and challenging “Secret Cats” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Money and Unlimited Tips) individually
tested with offline execution

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency: Hidden Cats: Detective Agency is an interesting, simple, cartoon game, and at the same time very entertaining and challenging in the style of puzzle titles of the type of Hidden Objects games, which is made for free and offered on Google Play. Has been. This game has been released by HyperBeard Studio, the creator of popular games such as DR.MEEP , KleptoDogs , KleptoCats , BunnyBuns , Tsuki Adventure and Adorable Home , and has been made available to Android players around the world. Usroid this time, as always, for the first time among all Iranian sitesAnother game from this game company has been prepared and provided with a mod version for download in a tested and free form. The interesting thing that all HyperBeard-made games can be seen is the same style and context of all of their graphic designs. All the games made by this studio have been developed with completely cartoon and two-dimensional designs, and from this point of view, it can be said that this studio with this unique style has a kind of exclusive signature for all its games, and it seems It should be noted that this design style is supposed to remain one of the main elements of the company’s games. Hidden Cats: Detective Agency is no exception to this rule, and its cartoon and special designs make the fans of this studio realize at first glance that this game is another work made by HyperBeard.


Hidden Cats: Detective Agency


In Hidden Cats: Detective AgencyThe main style of which is Hidden Objects, a subset of puzzle and puzzle games, you play the role of an agent from a detective agency who is assigned to an interesting case to travel to a city. The case before this detective is to find cats that have hidden and disappeared. Your main task in the role of this character is to analyze each photo correctly at each stage of the game and look at the details carefully. In the details of these photos, which are all hand-painted, are hidden cats that are not easy to find. At the beginning of each stage of the game Hidden Cats: Detective Agency, you must find the cats that are displayed in the list at the bottom of the page in the pictures and go to the other hidden cats. After finding all the cats, that step is done and you can go to the next steps. During the game you go to different parts of different cities in East Asian countries such as China and Japan. The creator of the game, although he has determined the age rating of the game for all ages, has said in the game description section that the game Hidden Cats: Detective Agency may not be suitable for people under 12 due to some cases. To download the latest version of this game as tested in two versions, normal and mod, go to the download boxSee Usroid .