Hidden Screen Recorder PRO v1.75 – The app for secretly recording videos from the Android screen,
the purchased version for $ 1.99 for the first time in Iran

With a simple search on Usroid site, you will come across various programs in the field of video recording from the screen, each of which has different functions. But in this post, we want to introduce a completely different and interesting application to you dear users, which has a unique performance in its kind. Hidden Screen Recorder PRO is a great program for secretly recording videos from the screen of Android devices.Developed and published by Thucnd. This special software helps you to easily work with your smart device and shoot videos from the screen at the same time without anyone suspecting you. Various capabilities can be cited as examples; For example, in many cases, our friends take our smartphone and check some parts of it. By activating the Hayden screen recorder, you can be informed of all the steps of the activities performed by your friends. There are no restrictions on recording and a set of tools will be provided to users to save recorded videos with the highest quality. There is no problem running other applications while recording and you can use them without any problems.

Some features and capabilities of Hidden Screen Recorder PRO Android application:

  • Capture videos from the screen secretly
  • The absence of any time limit on the video recording of
  • Ability to record videos from a specific program or multiple programs simultaneously
  • Set various parameters for custom video recording
  • Display alert when storage is low
  • Record program audio while recording video
  • High quality videos recorded from the screen
  • Access time presets

Application Hidden Screen Recorder PRO according to the performance of its individual as well as 1.99 dollar has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users Play Store acquired can now use the newest version purchased this wonderful app server Get high speed Usroid in Iran.

Changes in version v1.75:

* Program fixes