LockMyPix Photo Vault PREMIUM v5.2.5.0 – Android App for Hiding and Encrypting Photos and Videos
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With the increasing advancement of information security, hacking and accessing personal information have become equivalent methods, and profit-seeking individuals attempt to extort money by obtaining access to various users’ information. Personal images and videos are one of the most important types of information in the virtual space, and preserving their security is of great importance. LockMyPix Photo Vault PREMIUM is an exceptional application for hiding and encrypting video and image files for the Android operating system, published by the developer team fourchars on Google Play. With this application, you can easily hide personal images and video files and make your gallery available to your friends or family members. One of the best features of this software compared to similar programs is its support for encrypted files, so that in addition to hiding selected files, all of them are protected by military-grade encryption, reducing the likelihood of access to information to zero. Another feature of “LockMyPix” is its fake login system, where individuals are taken to a fake environment of the application after entering an incorrect password, indicating that the user has not hidden any video or image files.

Some of the features and capabilities of LockMyPix Photo Vault PREMIUM Android app:

  • File encryption of hidden files with military-grade AES
  • Access to the application with two modes of PIN code or pattern
  • Unlimited hiding and encryption of files
  • Hiding the application icon to prevent access to the app
  • Creating a backup of encrypted hidden information
  • Full support for SD card (Android 5 and above)
  • Possibility of fake login to the application
  • Quick and easy to use

The secure application LockMyPix Photo Vault PREMIUM has attracted the attention of many users by creating secure environments to protect information, and has achieved a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 with its price of $2.49. Now, with access to the extensive file bank of Usroid, you can get the latest purchased version.