Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio – Relax & Study Beats v3.80 [Premium] – Relaxing Radio Music App for Android!
Premium and full version of the program worth $ 2.99 for the first time in Iran

Audio spectra are one of the most influential frequencies on the human mind; So that a happy music can increase the adrenaline in the body or a sad music can make you think for hours. Many people around the world do not have enough concentration and relaxation while studying or resting, so they are looking for ways to solve this problem, one of the best of which is listening to music! At the web level, various websites offer such music, but their archives have never been complete or are in short supply, so in this post we want to introduce you to a great resource in this area. do. Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio – Relax & Study BeatsIt’s the title of a relaxing music radio app developed by Peak Pocket Studios and released on Google Play. By connecting to an online radio, this software helps you access a variety of music at any time. As mentioned above, the music played on this radio is quite relaxing and will be effective in various areas such as relaxation and increasing concentration for reading. Unlike other similar devices, there are no restrictions on playing music, and at any time and place, just by connecting to the Internet and touching, a music option will be played to suit your needs. If you enjoy a piece of music and want to play it again next time, look at the existing history and see a list of all the music played.

Some features and capabilities of Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio – Relax & Study Beats Android app:

  • A unique collection of soothing and uplifting music
  • Use a new technology to play music with great quality
  • Internal timer to stop playback completely automatically
  • A variety of music in a variety of styles for every taste
  • A history of all music played
  • Share your favorite music with your friends
  • A dedicated section for chatting and sharing with other radio users

Application Lo-fi 24/7 Hip Hop Radio – Relax & Study Beats with the benefit of special features and a huge database for free with payment of $ 2.99 has been released within the network can now use the newest version of its Premium without any restriction of web Usroid get Nmayyd.lazm be noted that this application is rated 4.7 out of 5.0 by users, Google has received.


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